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Rich Cardona

For the last quarter century I have either been working, advancing my education, or serving my country.  Throughout that time I’ve always had a voice in my head saying “You aren’t even reaching your full potential.”  I found my that after successfully retiring from the Marine Corps in 2015 the reality is that often times I was disinterested, distracted, and ambivalent. I was meandering through life.  In June 2018 I uprooted my life (and my family) and ventured out into an unfamiliar landscape; entrepreneurship.  I have absolute and total responsibility for everything wonderful, terrible, and unexpected that results of this life altering decision.

This is my truest passion in life. All of my life experience has culminated into a leadership style that understands discipline, emotional intelligence, failure, and resilience. I have witnessed a Grand Canyon sized gap in the development of future leaders. With that, I feel a calling to discuss leadership, inspire future leaders, and assist those interested in analyzing gaps in related to performance and potential. My journey will be dedicated to consistently seeking out and speaking to the world’s most influential leaders in order to further develop myself – and in turn better develop others.

So cliche isn’t it? I’m not a book learner. I’m not good in an academic setting. I’m very fidgety. I get distracted easily. However, when I’m around people I am engaged, happy, and inquisitive. An environment with talking, listening, and learning (and absent of pressure) is my favorite place to be. We all come from different walks of like and will all walk our individual lives differently. In other words we all have unique and incredible stories and I want to hear them. It was time to meet new people and figure out how to turn that into a business. I had to think outside the box and that meant getting out of the box…