Does the thought of starting a LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page make you cringe? There’s people for that. I’m one of them. It’s not starting to use these platforms that is the hard part. The challenge is beginning to regularly engage with your audience until it becomes unthinkable not to. The ROI of legitimately connecting with your audience is immeasurable in terms of reputation and intent. The byproduct? More business, more buzz, more candidates that you want.

Organizations spend vast amounts of money for the perfect look, sound bite, testimonial, interview, and even followers. Sadly, this is obvious to many and leaves very little impact. Frankly, it’s boring, expensive, and ineffective. We believe in being explicitly committed to your audience and potential customers. We can help you be more humanistic and relatable through simpler and less expensive media content.

There’s No Silver Bullet

How do we know which platform to use? How often do we post? When do we post? How many people are going to follow us? These are all great questions that we can and will solve for you. But first, initiating or repairing your social presence is a long game which involves no quick fixes. This is why I coined the term “Brand Fitness.” For the average person a fitness or weight loss journey requires extensive and long term efforts in order to yield real and sustainable results. Additionally it calls for discipline in many areas: eating habits, caloric deficits, appropriate sleep patters, cardio, weightlifting, etc. Branding works in the same manner. Our approach is methodical, consistent, and designed for longevity.