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105. How to Start Writing Your Book with JeVon “JT” McCormick

“We will hurt your feeling before we let you publish a bad book.”JeVon “JT” McCormick

On this episode of The Leadership Locker, guest host Eliza Delgado talks with author and Scribe Media CEO JeVon “JT” McCormick about how to get started as an author. Listen in as Eliza and JT discuss traditional publishing vs. self-publishing, quality and integrity in publishing, and why it’s important what you say “no” to.

JeVon “JT” McCormick is an American author, public speaker, and businessman. In 2016, author Tucker Max hired McCormick as CEO of Scribe Media, formerly known as Book in a Box, an Austin-based book writing and publishing company, after working together on McCormick’s book, I Got There: How I Overcame Racism, Poverty, and Abuse to Achieve the American Dream.

  • 00:09 – Introduction
  • 01:11 – Why JeVon chose publishing
  • 04:12 – Knowing what you don’t know
  • 05:20 – Do you have a book in you?
  • 16:32 – Everyone has a story to tell
  • 18:16 – Traditional publishing vs. hybrid publishing vs. self-publishing
  • 20:57 – It’s important what you say “no” to
  • 22:44 – Quality and integrity in publishing
  • 28:55 – Where to learn more about publishing from JeVon
  • 30:06 – Eliza’s closing remarks

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