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  1. Kevin Logan Jr says:

    I just listened to Season 2 Episode 6 and I hear you brother! All my life I’ve adopted the “don’t relax you’ll get bored mentality” but didn’t have the right mindset or toolset to channel my energy into the right direction.

    Lots of time lost fiddling and moving, but not actually having a bias for action with a purpose of intent. That in itself is debilitating because without a purpose it can make you feel lazy and confused because your on a road to nowhere without goals and a plan of action. But you often don’t develop goals and a plan of action without starting something and gaining momentum so it almost becomes this cognitive dissonance of thoughts you’re having with yourself that can validate or invalidate the excuses you’ll be more likely to make.

    One thing you said that resonates and is the message I’d have to everyone that may see this or is listening is…

    “You’re never alone…be on the side that helps”
    My LinkedIn community which is basically how I met Rich Cardona means everything to me because we build and maintain each other. We don’t just build we maintain each other by following up, we go a step further and that’s what it takes to build lifelong relationships and when you do that, you’re never alone and you’re always on the side of wanting to help.

    It’s about community. Great Episode Rich! I look forward to listening to more and seeing you grow your platform. much respect!


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