41. How Using Engagement Pods Can Help or Hurt Your Business

“It’s not smarter, it’s not harder, it’s smarter and harder.”- Gary Vee

 I admit it, I was in an engagement pod. It seemed like a good thing at the time and that it was going to help my content engagement. It was not a good fit for me, it did not grow my business in an authentic way. I had to stomach the time and effort it was actually going to take to build my brand, the right way. To me there are no shortcuts to building up an authentic personal brand following.

In this episode I talk about using LinkedIn engagements pods for your content.  

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • What is a Pod?
  • Expectations Being in a Pod
  • Organic vs Non-Organic Leads
  • Life After Pods
  • Is a Pod a Good Fit for You?
  • Should You Disclosure You’re in a Pod?