39. How to Fight Cancer and Grow Your Business Exponentially with Owen Video

“You can smell chemo in your sweat. I remember being chained to the lifesaving bags that filled my body for hours at a time, each year when the studio gets hot and beads of sweat form above my lip, the memories come pouring back to me.”

In March of 2015, Owen Hemsath was diagnosed with stage 3 Thymoma which is a cancer of the thymus and began chemo immediately. While fighting through his cancer, Owen grew his business over 107% and was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by the State of California. 

Owen tells the story of his experience battling cancer while also being an entrepreneur in a rapidly growing field.  Owen could have easily quit and focused on his health, but he embraced it as an opportunity to pull people in to see his journey. Now he builds YouTube channels for industry thought-leaders who have awesome content and want to become the recognized authority.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Using Cancer to Grow Business
  • Get Past Just “Getting By”
  • How to Make a Partnership Work
  • Seeking the Right Clients
  • Exploring Future Opportunity