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2. How to Spot Your Codependency with Claude Silver

September 3, 2019 no comments

Article featured image:2. How to Spot Your Codependency with Claude Silver

Today on the Leadership Locker, Chief Heart Officer of VaynerMedia and domestic violence victim advocate Claude Silver discusses the correlations between unbalanced power in relationships and domestic violence. Listen in as Rich and Claude reveal ways to identify a problem before violence occurs, how to lead your family to a better power balance, and what resources are available to families outside of traditional military channels.

Claude Silver is VaynerMedia’s Chief Heart Officer, the capstone of a career focused on guiding client relationships, global brand strategies, operations, and management. At VaynerMedia, Claude cultivates the heart of the agency’s success: its people. With a purview that includes staff relations, development, recruitment, and retention, each practice is underscored by Claude’s drive to unlock the inner professional potential of every VaynerMedia employee.

Claude and Rich have had a friendship dating back over two years supporting each other in various ways. Claude was the first person Rich ever made content for and through her, the idea for Rich Cardona Media was born.  


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