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We are brand fitness experts, leveraging social media to START or REPAIR underperforming social media platforms.
Rich Cardona

Our Journey Together

Brand Fitness! We help create, repair, or amplify your personal or company brand. Like fitness, any personal trainer can help your numbers on the scale, but most people want more. They want to be SEEN, they want to FEEL better, and they want their message to be HEARD. They want to run faster, lift more, understand a macro diet. Those who succeed understand that it takes significant effort, consistency, and faith.
We offer long term affordable strategies focusing on your personal and personnel growth within your company, allowing your awareness to soar and your relationships to build. Are you relatable? Are you relevant? We help bridge this gap for your target audience. Lets make this happen and let's make this happen together

Our Services


Our team creates personal branding content (written, audio, and visual) for personnel and leaders within today’s thriving and up and coming organizations.

Media Creation

Offering media content to fit your needs. From written, to auditory, to visual content, we strive to exceed your business needs.


I am dedicated to consistently seeking out and speaking to the world’s most influential leaders in order to further develop myself, and in turn better develop others.

Public Speaking

I am excited to speak at your next event, summit, and more. I am ready to motivate your target audience.

It's Not Who You Know, It's Who Knows You

The key to attracting the audience and clients you want is through awareness. In order to create awareness you need their attention and the best way to do so is via a STRONG brand on social media. 80% of Americans have social media profiles while the world has 2.34 billion social media users. While many people take issue with people being “heads down” on their phones, the truth is if that’s where the attention is that’s where you have to be.

Trust is an Experience

We like to start with trust rather than create the necessity to earn it. Commencing a relationship with confidence and optimism leads to efficiency and positivity throughout the course of the process. We have worked with over 50 individuals and companies since launching the company in October and can provide referrals upon request.

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